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Got a tricky question?

AskCymru is a free online service that enables you to ask a trained librarian to find the answer for you.

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Cengage allows you to search popular local and national newspapers for past and present articles.

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Join for Free

Libraries are free to join; you can join online or just call in to your local library with proof of ID showing your name and address.  If you are under 16 you will need your parent or guardian to sign.

Libraries provide resources and services that help people of all incomes learn to read, use computers and develop skills they need to succeed. 

Books can be expensive and it is an ideal way to introduce your children to new books regularly without having to spend a penny!

Hard economic times can be isolating, and libraries help to bring people together an inclusive, supportive environment.

One library user said, ‘I’m a Capricorn so saving money is important to me!  At my local library I can get all of the latest and greatest best sellers and reserve any book I want.  I don’t have a computer at home as I only use one occasionally at the library I can always find a free monitor to catch up on emails, shop online and surf the net without having to pay for full time broadband to be installed’.

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