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Got a tricky question?

AskCymru is a free online service that enables you to ask a trained librarian to find the answer for you.

Looking for a newspaper article?

Cengage allows you to search popular local and national newspapers for past and present articles.

Free family history resources


Researching your Welsh family history? Make libraries your first stop.  Ever thought about researching your family tree or the area where you live but don’t know where to start?  Make your local library your first port of call!

Welsh libraries offer a variety of resources to assist users in their local and family history research – books, newspapers and periodicals, photographs, maps and plans, illustrations, directories, electoral registers, records and census returns. Not to mention free internet access to scan the whole host of websites aimed at helping us discover our roots including which is available in libraries at no charge (normal subscription rates are over £60 per year) and the latest addition to this database includes a searchable list of all British Prisoners of War captured in Europe during World War II.

Welsh Libraries Champion Ruth Jones said: “The staff really do play such an important role – helping to answer questions or locate information and also being there to have a friendly chat. Many libraries also have weekly taster sessions to help people get started with researching their family tree – I may get signed up as soon as I have some free time!”