The Cypress Tree by Kamin Mohammadi


THE CYPRESS TREE by Kamin Mohammadi

Kamin Mohammadi wanting to share with her readers the closeness, laughter and tears of her amazing family and experiences started the Cypress Tree as fiction but realized it had to be in the form of a memoir. Her love letter to Iran.

Kamin gives us an insight into the colourful history of Iran, the vivid descriptions of its culture and character – all vital to the understanding of the background and why she wrote this book.

As a happy, innocent 9 year-old Kamin with her family (her father had a very senior position in Iran’s oil industry) fled Iran during the 1979 revolution. Leaving the comfort, closeness and love of her Iranian extended family Kamin and her sister did their best to fit into new surroundings in London and boarding school. They made the decision to discard outside their home everything Iranian and embrace everything British. They never quite achieved this.

Seventeen years after her flight Kamin returns to a very different Iran – driven by a deep rooted desire to re-discover her Iranian self.

Kamin Mohammadi’s “Love Letter to Iran” is just that. A lost youthful love with all its cherished memories is reignited but with the understanding that life with its many varied experiences brings.

In one book Kamin describes Iran’s history, amazingly stoic people, culture, environment and beautiful landscape. We become one of her family.

It’s been a pleasurable experience to share in the laughter, tears, heartbreak, drama and above all the love within this extended family so tenderly described in Kamin Mohammadi’s “The Cypress Tree.

Ray Hughes – Prestatyn Library Monday Readers’ Group


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