Famous Fans

Libraries mean different things to different people, here are some thoughts from some of our more famous supporters:

'Not so famous fans' - hundreds of library users have let us have their thoughts on what their library means to them

Keith Richards – The Rolling Stones

Currently on the band’s world tour, 50 and Counting, the Paint It, Black star said he felt at home in the peaceful surroundings of the library, despite his rebellious reputation. Keith explained: “To me it was a place where you get a hint there was somewhere called civilisation. “It was the only place where I would willingly obey the laws, like silence. It was somewhere I could find out about things I was interested in.”

Courtesy of The Mirror newspaper:


Derek Brockway

Weatherman Walking Derek Brockway said,

‘I have visited many libraries on my travels around Wales – there aren’t many places where you can just pop in, sit down and read a book or get online all for free without feeling obliged to purchase something!  I’m sure you’d be surprised at just how much libraries do for health and wellbeing.  There is lots of useful information, reading groups, drop in sessions and helpful staff to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for!’