Find your local library

Got a tricky question?

AskCymru is a free online service that enables you to ask a trained librarian to find the answer for you.

Looking for a newspaper article?

Cengage allows you to search popular local and national newspapers for past and present articles.

Free books

When you join your library you have access to an untold number of books and resources – all free of charge!

You can borrow books for free from your library – books on every subject you can imagine – novels, cookery, science, poultry keeping, biographies – the list is endless…If the book/s you require are not available simply ask a member of staff who will reserve or order the book in for you.  In most cases you can borrow at least 10 items at one time for up to 3 weeks.

One library user said, ‘I hadn’t picked a book up in years, and then I visited the library! Now I go regularly to find new reads and have a great new hobby.  It not only benefits me, but also somewhere free to bring my 3 little girls where they can develop their love for books and learning.  What’s more, they thoroughly enjoy it.’

Reading with your child for as little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference and make them a better reader, so why not take them to the library for a great selection of books which all just happen to be free of charge!