Find your local library

Got a tricky question?

AskCymru is a free online service that enables you to ask a trained librarian to find the answer for you.

Looking for a newspaper article?

Cengage allows you to search popular local and national newspapers for past and present articles.

Free newspapers & magazines

Free newspapers and magazines

Fed up of following your partner around the shops? Stop off at your library and pass an hour or so with your favourite newspaper or magazine.

Doing some research or homework?  You can now search over 350UKand Welsh weekly and daily newspaper titles with our newsbank service.

A great many libraries are filled with comfortable spots to read, whether you enjoy a comfortable chair, a table and chair or even a window seat!

One library user said, ‘My first impression when I came into the library was that I will get any information I require.  Then, onwards I started coming to the library spending most of my time reading newspapers, surfing the net and gathering valued information.  The atmosphere is always calm and tranquil and I feel so relaxed.  I feel great coming to the library!’